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DARE stands for Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe. The DARE Network currently consists of 48 member organisations from 26 countries in Europe (» how to become a member). Find out more about us, our goals, our recent EU project and our partners...

 DARE Blog:  

Our blog keeps you informed about upcoming events in EDC (Education for Democratic Citizenship) and HRE (Human Rights Education): conferences, online courses, studies ...»news

 DARE Publications:  

DARE publishes the regular e-DARE newsletter as well as EDC/HRE reports and studies ...»publications

» ENGAGE learning democracy with children aged 8-12, Vol II, Handbook for Educators, DARE Blue Lines (March 2017) [pdf, 812 kb]

» "ENGAGE learning democracy with children aged 8-12", Vol. I, DARE Blue Lines (Oct. 2016) [pdf, 3,9 MB]

» “EDC for All: Qualifying and Mainstreaming Education for Democratic Citizenship in Europe”, DARE Blue Lines (Feb. 2016) [pdf, 1,6 MB]

» “Demanding Fundamental Rights: Law Related Education in Adult Learning ”, DARE Blue Lines (Oct. 2013) [pdf, 3,1 MB]

» “Innovative Approaches to Overcome Discrimination of Vulnerable Groups”, DARE Spring Academy (Maribor, April 2013) [pdf, 1,5 MB]

» “A Europe of Active Citizens", Conference Documentation (Budapest, Nov. 2010 [pdf, 784 kb]

» "Tackling Poverty and Social Exclusion", Conference Documentation (Glasgow, March 2010) [pdf, 1,2 MB]

» "Children's Rights for Adult Learners", Focus Meeting Documentation (Brussels, Jan. 2010) [pdf, 1,5 MB]

» "Fundraising Strategies for European Initiatives in EDC/HRE", Focus Meeting Documentation (Copenhagen, Oct. 2009) [pdf, 1,1 MB]

» "Methodologies of Human Rights Education", Training Documentation (International House Sonnenberg, 2009) [pdf, 2,6 MB]

» "Pathways Interconnecting History Education and EDC/HRE", Conference Documentation (Berlin, May 2009) [»more]

» "Understanding the Mechanisms of 1989 in Europe - a Simulation on Regime Change", Manual for Adult Non-Formal Education [pdf, 850 kb]

» "Teaching Politics in a Globalized World": DARE Discussion Paper (2008) [pdf, 770 kb

 DARE Policy Recommendations:

» DARE statement on revising the LLL key competences framework (May 2017) [pdf, 180 kb]

» DARE on the Joint Report on the Implementation of the Strategic Framework for European cooperation in Education and Training (ET 2020) - a non-formal Education for Democratic Citizenship perspective (April 2016) [pdf, 430 kb]

» DARE position to the Post-Paris-Process in Europe (April 2016) [pdf, 200 kb]

» DARE recommendations on the EU Action Plan for Human Rights ...more

» DARE recommendations on the third Phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education ...more

» Making the Case for European Citizenship Education – reflection on the European Year of Citizenship 2013 ...more

» “Rethinking Education”, Opinion of the DARE Board (September 2013) [pdf, 84 kb]

» “Erasmus for All” - points from the DARE Network that should be considered (April 2012) [pdf, 66 kb]

» “Active Citizenship Education as Guiding Principle for Lifelong Learning”, Policy Recommendations (Vilnius, July 2010) [pdf, 226 kb]

» “Assessment Strategies in Non-Formal EDC/HRE”, Policy Recommendations (Vilnius, July 2010) [pdf, 307 kb]

» "Tackling Poverty and Social Exclusion through EDC/HRE", Policy Recommendations (Glasgow, March 2010) [pdf, 140 kb]

» DARE recommendations to the Education and Culture Commission of the European Parliament (April 2009) [pdf, 67 kb]

» Policy Recommendations on Intercultural Dialogue [pdf, 46 kb]



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